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BuddyLove and SuperSqueak Store, we stock and supply all the major brands of flea and tick control with fast friendly service, reasonably priced and always free shipping on all orders.  Using our kits and refills will give you the best savings for your pets monthly flea treatments. Check out our other product pages for some new items, now offering Capstar, Seresto collars, Program and more.

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Protect Your Pets
It is very important to have an effective flea and tick prevention program for your pets. You should be treating your pets monthly against fleas, which is not always affordable for those with multiple pets.  It is much harder and more costly to rid  your pet and home once they have fleas. With our kits you will be able to keep them protected at a fraction of the cost.  Also, will protect your pet from tapeworms; fleas carry tapeworms and can easily pass them to your pet.

If ticks are a problem in your area, then you will need a treatment for both fleas and ticks. There are many tick-borne diseases your pet can be exposed to such as Lyme's disease. Keep them protected with our flea and tick kits.


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